The Phun is a contemporary theatre company closely involved with public spaces. For many years now this innovating company has set its artistic projects in the most unlikely surroundings. Using street theatre the Phun combines every day reality with the creative world of the imagination. This strange and ephemeral collage allows us to question our feelings, our senses, our thoughts. These questions are addressed to all members of the public: from the hurrying passer by to the most enlightened spectator. The humane aspect of our creations, combined with a capacity to closely integrate the environment in which they take place, produces a delightfully generous relationship between the actors and the public.

By developping a contemporary creativity which is popular whilst remaining artistically rigorous, the Phun has placed its humanist theatre in the most appropriate space, in the large field of citizen culture. As a result further poetic, esthetic and ethical interpretations emerge.



The Seedlings Revenge

Over night an enormous vegetable garden has invaded a major intersection in the middle of the city. By the morning, without changing their everyday use, this garden has settled into all the main crossroads of the town, the station, the squares.
For 3 days and 3 nights the vegetables, plants, huts, cows, gardeners of the Vengeance des Semis set the pace in the heart of the town. Each night the garden swells until the town square is perfectly transformed, the metamorphosis is complete, represented by a field of 1500 sunflowers.
Luxuriant, the leafy invasion creates an upheaval in our ideas about our previously familiar surroundings.
The dream is ephemeral…Just when the dupery is at its pitch, the gardens disappear in the middle of the 4th night. All that remains: a recollection of an extraordinary emotion.
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An architectural firm is installed for a week in a public space to share ideas and thoughts about the future of our towns. In the heart of this shared space, perfect for meeting and debating, the inhabitants discover the research to improve city life investigated by the Bouphar firm, and take part in a collective thought process. During one week urban life is reinvented.
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Les Pheuillus

The Pheuillus is an installation of plant sculptures with human forms that crosses the landscapes of men, settles in our spaces and our time. They make up a migratory people, curious about men and strangely close to us.
The migration of Pheuillus can last a few weeks or months and spread over a more or less huge territory.
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